TOEFL Course 2019 (by MBA Strategy)

Best TOEFL preparation lessons! A complete TOEFL video course covers every aspect of TOEFL test

Our exceptional teachers, each with extensive expertise in TOEFL preparation and personal test scores of 115+, have designed and recorded every lesson in the way you can get a real-time classroom environment. 

The course is enriched with our collection of custom textbooks, ranked and proven the most effective to have helped 1,000 clients score 100+. 

The course is featured by:

  • 21 lessons with detailed explanations of all the main TOEFL sections. 
  • 295 Reading section practice questions.
  • 28 Listening section practice tasks.
  • 19 Speaking tasks and 5 Writing prompts. 
  • The extensive list of topics that includes both theory knowledge and practice skills you need.

Make your TOEFL preparation customized and on the right spot to get the highest score!

Course Curriculum

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